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New Course Brings Environmental Consciousness to Software Development

November 11, 2022Sys Admin

There is no industry today that is not feeling a growing responsibility to think about energy conservation, including software development. But in order for software developers to build, maintain and run greener applications, they need additional knowledge that is usually not taught in traditional software curriculums.

Furthermore, despite the urgency to address climate change, the lack of shared language and standardized terms complicates the process. This has made our collective progress in developing green software slow and cumbersome.

As organizations look to hire green software talent, we need a method of ensuring that development teams have a solid grasp of green software principles. We also need a way to evaluate their knowledge to ensure they meet a minimum and consistent level of understanding environmentally friendly principles on which to design and develop software applications.

To this end, the Linux Foundation Training & Certification is pleased to announce that we have launched a new course, Green Software for Practitioners (LFC131), to assist software practitioners and their leadership in understanding the principles of green software. 

This course is suitable for any software practitioner regardless of their skill level and background and provides a basic understanding of how to build, maintain and run greener applications. 

Green Software for Practitioners (LFC131) is a 2-hour, online, self-paced course that is free and open to everyone. Those who complete the course will earn a digital badge to demonstrate their foundational knowledge of green software best practices.

Created in partnership with the Green Software Foundation, the vendor-neutral curriculum is a first step toward changing the culture in your software development. 

Visit the course landing page on our website to learn more about what is included in the curriculum and to enroll today.

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