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NEW Course: Programming in Rust (LFD480)

November 13, 2023Announcements

Improve Your Developer Productivity with Rust

Linux Foundation Training and Certification has launched a new, live, instructor-led course, Programming in Rust (LFD480), designed for system and application programmers interested in becoming confident developers in the Rust programming language. Leveraging the rich Rust ecosystem, modules and tools, participants will get the skills and knowledge they need to start their own projects and engage with existing ones.

Enrollment is now open for the first live virtual session, scheduled to run Dec. 11 to 14, aligned to the US Central Standard time zone.

Participants will learn to program in idiomatic Rust, applying concepts like ownership, borrowing and lifetimes; primitive and complex types; std collection; error handling; testing programs; profiling programs; concurrency; smart pointers; using C code with FFI; using Rust with containers and Kubernetes; and deployment on multiple architectures (AMD64, ARM64, RISCV64).

Participants who successfully complete Programming in Rust (LFD480) will be able to write:

  • Small system programs using OS functions
  • Single web page applications
  • API clients and servers
  • Programs that use Rust’s concurrency features

“Rust equips IT professionals with a powerful tool to create fast, secure, and reliable software. Its modern syntax and memory safety features make it ideal for tackling complex projects, ensuring you’re at the forefront of innovation in a rapidly evolving tech landscape,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP, General Manager, Training & Certification, Linux Foundation. “With Rust, you’re not just coding; you’re crafting the future of software development.”

Those that successfully complete the course receive a certificate of completion and a digital badge.

Future Proof Your Career – Enroll to Learn Rust Today!

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