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Stay Ahead of the AI Curve and Learn What PyTorch Can Do For You

September 12, 2022Announcements

This morning, a major announcement from Meta dropped: PyTorch, the AI learning framework developed by Meta AI has joined The Linux Foundation as a collaborative, open source project. 

With the barriers to AI development rapidly dropping away, both technical leads and their organizational business partners will do well to get (and stay) ahead of the curve. That’s why, in conjunction with this exciting industry news, The Linux Foundation Training & Certification is announcing the launch of a new course: PyTorch and Deep Learning for Decision Makers (LFS116x)

This free course will help both technology and business leaders learn how PyTorch, a deep learning framework, can be used to automate and optimize processes through the development and deployment of state-of-the-art AI applications.

The 3-4 hour course is geared towards both technical and non-technical individuals interested in understanding how deep learning and PyTorch can be used to create business value through the development and deployment of AI applications. 

Participants will learn to identify the most common use cases of AI in the industry and how PyTorch’s ecosystem and the commoditization of deep learning models can help integrate them into their business. They will learn why ensuring data quality is critical for the successful deployment of AI applications, and why getting the right data should be the top priority for any AI project. LFS116x discusses several trade-offs involved in choosing the appropriate model for the task at hand: build vs. buy, black vs. white box, and the risk and cost of delivering wrong predictions. The course also explores what happens after an AI application is deployed, addressing topics such as the inherent limitations of AI models, the mitigation of risks and vulnerabilities, and the challenge of data privacy.

The course, which can be audited for free for 7 weeks on the edX platform, was developed by Daniel Voigt Godoy, a data scientist, developer, speaker, writer, and teacher. Daniel is the author of the “Deep Learning with PyTorch Step-by-Step” series of books, and has taught machine learning and distributed computing technologies at Data Science Retreat, the longest-running Berlin-based bootcamp for several years, helping more than 150 students advance their careers. His professional background includes 20 years of experience working for companies in several industries: banking, government, fintech, retail, and mobility. Daniel won four consecutive awards (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) at the prestigious Prêmio do Tesouro Nacional (Brazilian’s National Treasury Award).

The era of artificial intelligence is just beginning. Enroll today to start your PyTorch journey on October 19!

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