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Hyperledger Fabric Certified Practitioner (HFCP)

NEW! The HFCP exam allows candidates to demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of blockchain technology, the Hyperledger Fabric model and networks, including designing production deployments. 

UPCOMING POLICY CHANGE: Please note that our Certification Period Policy is changing effective April 01, 2024, 00:00UTC. Certifications achieved on or after this date will expire 24 months from the date the program certification requirements, including passing the exam, are met. We encourage anyone interested and prepared to schedule and take your exam before the policy change. Please see additional details here.

Who Is It For

HFCP certification is for IT professionals, full-stack and DevOps engineers and software developers.
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About This Certification

This 90-minute certification exam is an online, proctored, multiple-choice test.
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What It Demonstrates

A HFCP has experience in smart contract development on Hyperledger Fabric, including the chaincode lifecycle, queries, ledger state manipulation, private data handling, and endorsement policies. They have expertise in implementing and connecting client applications.
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Domains & Competencies
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Fundamentals of Blockchain16%
Distributed Ledgers
Smart Contracts
Hyperledger Fabric Model
Business Benefits
Hyperledger Fabric Networks36 %
Network Structure
Transaction Flow
Ordering Service
Peers and World State Storage
Network Creation
Membership Service Providers
Maintenance and Operation
Channel-related Operations
Design and Deployment of Production Networks
Smart Contracts24%
Design and Implementation
Chaincode Lifecycle
Reading and Modifying the Ledger State
Executing Queries on the Ledger
Private Data and Private Data Collections
State-based Endorsement Policies
Client Applications24%
Gateway Model
Peer Gateway Service
Smart Contract Invocation
Chaincode and Block Eventing
Offline Signing

The purpose of the HFCP certification is to provide assurance that HFCPs can effectively demonstrate their understanding of the fundamentals of blockchain technology, the Fabric model and networks, and design production deployments. 
Exam Details & Resources
This exam is an online, proctored, multiple-choice test.

The exam is based on Fabric v2.5

There are no pre-requisites for this exam.