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Deploying Virtual Hosts in Linux

Deploying Virtual Hosts in Linux

Under most modern web server environments, it is common to have several unrelated websites share a common physical server. This is made possible by Apache’s virtual hosts, which is an important concept that all Linux system administrators should master before deploying web servers. This free one-hour Linux training webinar is designed to show you what a Linux Foundation training course is like by diving deep into how to deploy Apache virtual hosts in Linux. We’ll discuss the key strategies that can help your enterprise environment maximize hardware and network resource usage dedicated to web servers. You’ll learn the concepts and practical examples that will let you implement:

  • Name-based virtual hosts, which let you have more than one website per IP address
  • IP-based virtual hosts, which require one IP address per web site
  • Virtual host examples and use cases
  • Best practices and limitations associated to virtual hosts
  • Tips and tricks that may be useful to system administrators already familiar with virtual host

To learn how to design, deploy and maintain a network running under Linux and to administer the network services most commonly found in enterprise environments, we encourage you to enroll in our Linux Networking and Administration (LFS211) training course.

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About the Speaker

Derek Carter is the part founder of two Linux users groups, a regular presenter at various conferences and actively contributes to several Open Source projects, including some of his own. He has worked as a senior Linux systems administrator for a Fortune 500 company, a consultant to state agencies, and as a QA engineer for a SAN storage company. As a Linux instructor, Derek has written courseware, proctored certification exams, and taught classes across the globe for the Linux Foundation, Red Hat, IBM, Novell, HP, Lockheed Martin and others. Derek is also a husband, father and woodworking enthusiast. He currently resides in Athens, Georgia with his family and works as a full-time Linux consultant and instructor.

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