Training and Certification Solutions Designed For You

Whether you are starting a new career, looking to advance in your current career or are just looking to improve your open source knowledge -we’re here to help.

Our training and certification solutions are designed to give you a deep and thorough hands-on understanding of various open source technologies and concepts. And we provide our world-class certifications to help you demonstrate to others that you have the skills and knowledge today’s employers need and value.


We offer a wide selection of training options to help fit your needs and situation.

Free Courses
If you’re just getting started, we offer a variety of completely free courses in partnership with These will give you a basic understanding of a given topic, but don’t necessarily provide professional-level skills.

Affordable, Self-Paced Courses
If you’re looking for training that will help you start or advance your career, we offer a large catalog of reasonably-priced online self-paced courses on a variety of open source topics. These courses are full of hands-on labs and exercises to give you applicable skills and training so you can work professionally in open source.

Instructor-Led Courses
If you’re looking for in-depth, expert-level training, we also offer a number of public instructor-led courses across developer as well as enterprise IT topics. These intensive courses allow you to work with a subject matter expert live to gain a deep understanding of the topic. And when you enroll in any of our public courses, you get a free Chromebook!


Because most technical training is paid for by employers, we’ve developed an automated instant quote tool
to give you the documents you need to get approval from your company for the training.


Every job listing asks for experience. So how do you prove your skills, especially if you’re new to the job market? That’s where our certifications come in. We’ve designed our certifications to be both technically rigorous and relevant (meaning that we’re testing you on the skills employers actually want), but also to be convenient for you.

Practical Exams
No multiple choice here – it’s just you and the command line. You’re being tested on your actual skills, not just what you remember from some study guide, which makes our certifications much more valuable to employers and by extension, you.

No Travel Required
Available online, anytime, anywhere. You can take your exam from the comfort of your home of office, without having to travel to a testing center.

Distribution & Vendor Neutral
That means that your certification will be applicable, even if you move to a different company with a different tech stack or you shift your distros around at your current company.


Take your certification exam with the confidence that we provide you with a free retake for all of our exams.

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