Certify Your Open Source Skills with The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation works closely with open source project communities to deliver relevant, respected, hands-on certifications to technology professionals around the world.

The Linux Foundation is unique in that we don’t just provide the certifications for today’s most in-demand technologies; our involvement goes far beyond that. We host the projects developing these technologies and provide resources and staffing to help keep these development communities healthy and thriving. So when it comes right down to it, no one is closer to these technologies than The Linux Foundation.

Why Get Open Source Certified?

Learn It

Boost your confidence in the skills you do have. Studying to pass your certification will help you identify and fill gaps in your knowledge.

Prove It

Hands-on certifications show you can perform real world tasks. Don’t just tell prospective employers you have the skills, show them!

Accept It

Improve your chances of getting that job; hiring managers have told us they are making certifications a priority.

Why Certify With The Linux Foundation?

  • Certification exams are designed to fit your life, not the other way around
  • Online training course mapped to exam objectives help you succeed
  • Exams available worldwide via any internet-connected computer, no trip to the testing center required
  • Expert-level certifications by the projects creating the best cloud and container technologies available today
  • Vendor-neutral Linux certifications from the same organization that hosts the Linux kernel development with Linus Torvalds himself

You Need Experience to Get a Job, and a Job to Get Experience

Every year, The Linux Foundation and Dice partner on the Open Source Jobs Report to provide a comprehensive look at the open source career landscape. The open source market is continuing to explode, and as competition for top jobs increases, nearly half of hiring managers say they are more likely to hire a certified professional.

Enter Linux Foundation Certification. Whether you are starting a new career, or changing careers, certifying your skills proves that you have the knowledge necessary even if you don’t have a resume with years of experience. Not only does it show you actually have verified skills, it also demonstrates your commitment to your career and your own professional development.

"It helped me to organize my knowledge and fill in the missing gaps. It also created confidence to pursue my goals and share my passion."

Milosz G.Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin, Linux Foundation Certified Engineer

LFCE is one of the toughest exam i ever had. LFCE has given me confidence based on production oriented scenario, with performance based approach. Which helps alot to understand the entire topic in depth.

Ashutosh B.Linux Foundation Certified Engineer

It helped me start my career in Cloud computing.

Sylvain R.Linux Foundation Certified SysAdmin

It served to improve my knowledge about Linux, I was always afraid of Open Source , because I heard it was difficult, but slowly I became confident with the xterm, technical words, and GUI. After a couple of months my skills were up from my expectations and I’ve started to use Ubuntu on my laptop.

Jose M.Linux Foundation Certified Engineer