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Introduction to Hyperledger Blockchain Technologies (LFS171x)

This free course provides a primer to blockchain, distributed ledgers and Hyperledger technologies.

Course Rating
4.4/5 Stars
Who Is It For

This introductory course is carefully curated for nontechnical, business-oriented audiences. No prior knowledge is required.
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What You’ll Learn

In this course you will learn how to describe business blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, gain familiarity with current Hyperledger projects and cross-industry use cases, and learn how to become involved in and contribute to the open source Hyperledger projects.
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What It Prepares You For

This course prepares you with an understanding of how blockchains work and how they can create value for their business through cost-savings and efficiencies, in terms of speed and simplicity. You will understand how information is generated, stored, and shared in various blockchains, as well as gain tools to evaluate whether or not a blockchain solution would be suitable for your particular use case.
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Course Outline
Chapter 1. Discovering Blockchain Technologies
Chapter 2. Introduction to Hyperledger Foundation
Chapter 3. Hyperledger Foundation Hosted Projects
Chapter 4. The Promise of Business Blockchain Technologies
Chapter 5. What’s Next?
Final Exam

There are no prerequisites for this course.
Dec 2022
The details of each project were covered very well under the Hyperledger Umbrella. It also detailed each of the active projects in a very clear way, making it possible to direct our own projects with the specifics of each one, helping to choose the correct one.
Dec 2022
This was great! Exactly what I was looking for; a course that gives an overview of the entire Hyperledger Project, and explains the difference between projects and their use cases. I especially liked how the course made distinctions between projects. I feel I have a good enough understanding of Hyperledger to be able to hop into the technical side of things. The last chapter about meet-ups, and the different groups and their roles, was very inviting!
Dec 2022
The information in this course is a primer to building technical, as well as business knowledge.
Aug 2022
I liked many things about the versatility of the implementation of this technology, and the impact it is creating in different Industries.
Aug 2022
This course stands out on expectation, it explains the basics of Blockchain, and then dives into Hyperledger. Firstly it introduces the lifecycle of a project in Hyperledger, and then all the topics within Hyperledger are also explained in detail.
Aug 2022
A good mix of visual and text, very accessible language, relevant examples.