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Git for Distributed Software Development (LFD109x)

Get a thorough introduction to Git, the source control system that arose out of the Linux kernel community, that enables widely distributed software development to operate efficiently.

Course Rating
4.2/5 Stars
Who Is It For

This course is designed for computer users who have limited or no experience working in a collaborative development environment; and/or for those who already have done some work on Linux and other open source projects and are looking to gain a good grasp of how to use Git.
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What You’ll Learn

In this course, you will learn what Git is and how to install it. You will see how to initialize a repository, make changes in it, make it available to others, and acquire and use the changes made by other individuals. The course will teach you how to find errors in your and others’ work, and how to go back to a working copy to quickly identify the change that produced the error. You will also become familiar with some essential Git procedures, such as cloning, branching, making commits, getting diffs, doing merges, and rebasing. The course will touch on complicated workflows so you understand how to approach them when problems arise.
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What It Prepares You For

This course will prepare you to use Git to create new repositories or clone existing ones, commit new changes, review revision histories, examine differences with older versions, work with different branches, merge repositories, and work with a distributed development team.
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Course Outline
Chapter 1. Introduction to Git
Chapter 2. Git Installation
Chapter 3. Git and Revision Control Systems
Chapter 4. Using Git: An Example
Chapter 5. Git Concepts and Architecture
Chapter 6. Managing Files and the Index
Chapter 7. Commits
Chapter 8. Branches
Chapter 9. Diffs
Chapter 10. Merges
Chapter 11. Managing Local and Remote Repositories
Chapter 12. Using Patches
Chapter 13. Advanced Git Interfaces: Gerrit
Final Exam (verified track only)

Dec 2022
I liked the labs with PDF walkthroughs, I could try them on my own computer., and learned a lot by doing this.
Nov 2022
It was a good course for beginners.
Jul 2022
I think the course is very rich in content, and covers a lot of very important topics about the uses of Git. The combination with Linux is also great.
Jul 2022
Course content is great, recommended for everyone. The best part of this course series is the structure and arrangement of course content.
Jul 2022
Course content is great, it helped me to better understand how Git works.
Jul 2022
This course helped me to understand basic concepts of Git (which I have never known), and also I am able to understand merging, rebase, revert and reset concepts clearly. Learned new git commands as well.