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Training Course

Managing Kubernetes Applications with Helm (LFS244)

Learn about Helm, and how it’s used in real-world scenarios to manage the lifecycle of applications on Kubernetes.

Who Is It For

Recommended for system administrators, DevOps engineers, SREs, and other software professionals, this course is for any person who wishes to enhance their operational experience running containerized workloads on the Kubernetes platform.
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What You’ll Learn

This course covers the history of the Helm project and its architecture, how to properly install the Helm client, the various components of a Helm chart and how to create one, the command-line actions used for managing an application’s lifecycle, and much more.
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What It Prepares You For

This course provides a full-featured deep dive into the Helm client, Helm charts, and how Helm can prepare you for real-world scenarios managing the full lifecycle of applications on Kubernetes.
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Course Outline
Chapter 1. Course Introduction
Chapter 2. Helm Basics
Chapter 3. Helm Setup and Initial Usage
Chapter 4. Helm Charts
Chapter 5. Application Lifecycle
Chapter 6. Chart Repositories and Other Topics

To best benefit from this course you should have:

  • Experience with Linux/UNIX systems
  • Familiarity with command line tools
  • Understanding of YAML document formatting
  • Basic experience with container technologies, specifically Docker and Kubernetes
Lab Info
To successfully complete the lab exercises in this course, access to a Linux server or Linux desktop/laptop is required. Access to a public cloud provider, or VirtualBox on your machine is also needed. Detailed instructions to set up your lab environment are provided in the course.

If using a cloud provider like GCP or AWS, you should be able to complete the lab exercises using the free tier or credits provided to you. However, you may incur charges if you exceed the credits initially allocated by the cloud provider, or if the cloud provider’s terms and conditions change.

Learning Path
Jul 2021
Labs gave me hands on experience with Helm, and knowledge checks ensured I picked up key points in the lessons.
May 2021
Straightforward video lessons recorded beforehand, doing the lab as a solid reference point, and concise sharing of information.
Aug 2020
Condensing the key topics, and providing it in a quick learning format, with practical to retain the knowledge, was what I liked about the course.