I’m trying to download and install one of the pre-built VMs, but am prompted to login. What do I do?

Please download the welcome doc from the e-learning section on https://training.linuxfoundation.org/cm/prep/ and check the Pre-Built Virtual Machine Images section for the correct credentials.

When will I get the course manual?

For classroom sessions, the course manual will be made available to students on the first day of class. For virtual sessions, course manuals are processed for shipment 1-2 weeks before class so as to allow delivery in time for class.

Is lab equipment provided?

Students are expected to provide their own computer systems for classes. There are certain courses that require lab exercises to be performed on specified hardware, such as embedded development courses for which Beagle Boards or Bones are needed. For such courses, The Linux Foundation may provide the Beagle Board or Beagle Bone kit along with a course manual. Please check the specific course-page to confirm.

Can I record a class?

No. The Linux Foundation does not permit recording and/or reuse of its copyrighted material.

The course I want doesn’t have any scheduled class dates. Will you add more?

We add courses throughout the year, please sign up for our Training Newsletter at the bottom of the page to be notified when we have more instructor-led courses available.

How to register someone other than yourself?

Option 1. You can have each person purchase their bundle/course/exam using any major credit card and a coupon if applicable (Discount coupons are issued for two or more purchases after requesting a quote).
Option 2. If you will be doing the purchase and registration for each colleague you will need to have each person create their LF account using this link - https://identity.linuxfoundation.org/  and then have them send you their Username and Password. You can then purchase each bundle/course/exam from the website using their login information so that the bundle/course/exam is under their account/name. Important - Make sure to Log-out prior to each new purchase using the link above. You can use your own billing information for each purchase.
*Print Receipt: each person can find/print their receipt for the purchase within their Portal under Purchase History.

Do I have to travel to a training facility to take public instructor-led classes or can I attend virtually?

We offer classroom and virtual sessions for our public instructor-led courses. Classroom sessions will require travel to a training facility, whereas virtual classes may be taken from pretty much anywhere as long as you have good internet. Select your course of interest from the training catalogue and find out what options (classroom or virtual) and what dates are scheduled for the course.

What time zone are public instructor-led classes held in?

Unless otherwise indicated, classroom sessions are held from 9am-5pm in local time zone of the classroom’s location and in U.S. Central Time for virtual classes.

What do I need to get setup for a class?

Unless otherwise specified, students are expected to provide their own computer systems for both classroom and virtual class sessions. For virtual sessions, students connect to the class via a video-conferencing service and so would need to have reliable high-speed internet. (A headset with microphone is recommended for better audio. Students connect to the class via a video-conferencing service provided by The Linux Foundation, though webcam is optional for the student.) About 1-2 weeks before their class, students will be sent a welcome email that will have more details on getting setup. Students may also go to the following url to find the setup requirements for their course - https://training.linuxfoundation.org/cm/prep/ (just click on the specific course in the list at right to find the requirements for that specific class).