SkillCred > Developing Helm Charts (SC104)

Developing Helm Charts (SC104)

This credential demonstrates a user’s foundational knowledge and skills in Helm.

Who Is It For

The Helm SkillCred is for anyone interested in gaining a credential in Helm to further their career.
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About This SkillCred

Skillcreds allow you to get the credentials you need, when you need them and on the topics that are relevant to your career.
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What It Demonstrates

The Helm SkillCred demonstrates a basic knowledge of Helm.
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Domain & Competencies
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Developing Helm Charts100%
Create charts using basic templating
Customize existing charts
Manage chart dependencies
Use chart hooks
Understand types of charts
Test and troubleshoot (charts, templates, and values)
Publish charts

Exam Details & Resources
This exam is an online, proctored, performance-based and/or multiple-choice exam.
There are no pre-requisites for this credential.
Beta Reviews
Nov 2022
I liked the exam which had both choosing, and checking for answers, it covered mostly the foundation of Helm. I found it a bit hard on my end, because I have learned from experience how to use it in the company, and have not been introduced to these foundations of Helm. Overall, it is a good exam, and I think the questions are fair for entry level.