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認定Kubernetesクラウドネイティブアソシエイト (KCNA-JP)

認定Kubernetesクラウドネイティブアソシエイト (KCNA-JP) exam is the Japanese version of the KCNA, which demonstrates a user’s foundational knowledge and skills in Kubernetes and the wider cloud native ecosystem.

Note: These exams are proctored by English-speaking proctors, but the exam content is available in Japanese.

Who Is It For

The KCNA is a pre-professional certification designed for candidates interested in advancing to the professional level through a demonstrated understanding of kubernetes foundational knowledge and skills. This certification is ideal for students learning about or candidates interested in working with cloud native technologies.
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About This Certification

A certified KCNA will confirm conceptual knowledge of the entire cloud native ecosystem, particularly focusing on Kubernetes. The KCNA exam is intended to prepare candidates to work with cloud native technologies and pursue further CNCF credentials, including CKA, CKAD, and CKS.
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What It Demonstrates

KCNA will demonstrate a candidate’s basic knowledge of Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies, including how to deploy an application using basic kubectl commands, the architecture of Kubernetes (containers, pods, nodes, clusters), understanding the cloud-native landscape and projects (storage, networking, GitOps, service mesh), and understanding the principles of cloud-native security.
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Domains & Competencies
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Kubernetes Fundamentals46%
Kubernetes Resources
Kubernetes Architecture
Kubernetes API
Container Orchestration22%
Container Orchestration Fundamentals
Service Mesh
Cloud Native Architecture16%
Community and Governance
Roles and Personas
Open Standards
Cloud Native Observability8%
Telemetry & Observability
Cost Management
Cloud Native Application Delivery8%
Application Delivery Fundamentals

There are no pre-requisites for this exam.