Express Learning Course

Creating Edge IoT Solutions with EdgeX Foundry (LFEL1003)

In this express learning course, you’ll discover EdgeX Foundry, a leading open source edge platform. Learn its functionality, installation, and execution.

Who Is It For

This entry-level course is designed for IoT/edge software engineers, system administrators, or operation technology technicians that want to assemble an edge solution.
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What You’ll Learn

In this course, gain insights into the role of EdgeX Foundry in edge/IoT solutions. Discover its typical deployment, operational mechanisms, and how its adaptable microservice architecture facilitates the development of edge/IoT software solutions.
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What It Prepares You For

This course enables engineers to gain proficiency in EdgeX capabilities and understand its potential for building edge solutions, without requiring any development skills. The introduction to the EdgeX platform is programming-free, allowing for deployment, execution, and exploration ``as-is``.
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Course Outline
Introduction and Overview of EdgeX Foundry
What is EdgeX?
Where does EdgeX Run?
EdgeX Architecture
How EdgeX Works
Deploying EdgeX
Knowledge Application
Hands-on Lab: Getting, running and exploring EdgeX Foundry
Conclusion and Resources

Basic knowledge of the following is helpful but not required:

  • TOML and YAML markup languages
  • Docker and Docker Compose
Lab Info
The Digital Ocean droplet will have Ubuntu 22.04.  Learners will be guided to install Docker and Docker Compose as part of the setup for getting and running EdgeX Foundry.

Knowledge of the following is required to complete the course labs:

  • Finding, opening, and editing text files in the host platform
  • Fundamental operating system commands to copy, move, and delete files and directories
  • Read and manipulate JSON
Sep 2023
I like that it has video plus written content to study as well. Not only can you read at your own pace, but you can actually practice lab work as well.
Aug 2023
I found the knowledge of this new middleware platform for the IoT very interesting.