Express Learning Course

OpenAPI Fundamentals (LFEL1011)

The ability to create well defined, easy to consume APIs which are independent of the underlying programming language(s) is very valuable in the API Economy. This course demonstrates how the OpenAPI (formerly Swagger) specification accomplishes exactly that.

Who Is It For

This course is for technical professionals, such as software developers, who want to learn more about how to describe their APIs using OpenAPI and about the benefits that flow from doing so.
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What You’ll Learn

This course will help you understand OpenAPI, both in terms of the basics of the description language, approaches to design and implementation, and how API consumers can easily and reliably use the OpenAPI descriptions you create.
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What It Prepares You For

Learn how to use OpenAPI when developing APIs. Understand what the language does and how to use it effectively, whether you are a developer implementing APIs in software or a product team taking APIs to market as a commercial opportunity.
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Course Outline
Chapter 1. Course Introduction
Chapter 2. Introducing OpenAPI
Chapter 3. OpenAPI Basics
Chapter 4. Creating an OpenAPI Description
Chapter 5. Using an OpenAPI Description
Chapter 6. Extending OpenAPI

To make the best of this course, you should have:

  • Basic appreciation of APIs and their place in technology
  • The ability to read code including Java, Python and YAML
  • The means to execute tools at a command line (bash, cmd, etc)
Lab Info
Depending on which optional tasks you wish to undertake, you should have the following available:

  • Web browser 
  • Node.js (18+)
  • Java (17+)
  • Python (3.12)