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LFS211 + Networking Linux Networking and Administration (LFS211) Get the skills you need to get certified and work as a Linux systems engineer.
LFS201 + System Administration Essentials of Linux System Administration (LFS201) Get the background and training you need to start working as a Linux sysadmin.
LFD201 + System Administration Introduction to Open Source Development, Git, and Linux (LFD201) Learn how to develop open source software.
LFS216 + System Administration Linux Security Fundamentals (LFS216) Get a comprehensive look at the security challenges that can affect almost every system.
LFS301 + System Administration Linux for System Administrators (LFS301) This course will teach you the skills you need to become a professional Linux systems administrator.
LFS416 + System Administration Linux Security (LFS416) This course will walk you through security threat identification, prevention, and recovery
LFS426 + System Administration Linux Performance Tuning (LFS426) Learn the appropriate tools, subsystems, and techniques you need to get the best possible performance out of Linux.
LFS300 + System Administration Fundamentals of Linux (LFS300) This instructor-led course will give you a good working knowledge of Linux, from both a graphical and command line perspective.
LFS101 + System Administration Introduction to Linux (LFS101) Develop a good working knowledge of Linux.