SkillCred > Open Data Formats: JSON (SC105)

Open Data Formats: JSON (SC105)

This credential demonstrates a user’s foundational knowledge and skills with the JSON data format.

Who Is It For

The JSON SkillCred is for anyone interested in gaining a credential in the JSON data format to further their career.
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About This SkillCred

Skillcreds allow you to get the credentials you need, when you need them and on the topics that are relevant to your career.
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What It Demonstrates

The JSON SkillCred demonstrates the ability to work proficiently with the JSON data format, including parsing JSON documents.
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Domain & Competencies
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Open Data Formats: JSON100%
Understand JSON syntax
Knowledge of basic data types
Work with objects and arrays
Validate JSON data
Query JSON data (JSONPath)

Exam Details & Resources
This exam is an online, proctored, performance-based and/or multiple-choice exam.
There are no pre-requisites for this credential.