SkillCred > Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions (SC107)

Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions (SC107)

This credential demonstrates a user’s foundational knowledge and skill with Regex.

Who Is It For

The Regex SkillCred is for anyone interested in gaining a credential with Regex to further their career.
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About This SkillCred

SkillCreds allow you to get the credentials you need, when you need them and on the topics that are relevant to your career.
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What It Demonstrates

The Regex SkillCred demonstrates proficiency with Regular Expressions in a variety of contexts and applications utilizing Regex to parse and manipulate text data efficiently.
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Domain & Competencies
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Pattern Matching with Regular Expressions (SC107)100%
Understand basic Regular Expression syntax
Employ position matching with anchors
Apply group and capture techniques
Use flags in Regular Expression procedures
Apply escape sequences for special characters
Leverage pattern repetition with backreferences
Complexity with lookaheads and lookbehinds
Apply Regular Expressions in practical scenarios

Exam Details & Resources
This exam is an online, proctored, performance-based and/or multiple-choice exam.
There are no pre-requisites for this credential.