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Quantum Computing Essentials for Senior Leaders (LFQ102)

Today, quantum computing evokes amazement, wonder, fear, and excitement, all at the same time. However, there is a need to cut through all the clutter and grasp the facts. Learn how this technology will impact your business and take the necessary steps to prepare for it.

Course Rating
4.5/5 Stars
Who Is It For

This course is designed for the technical leadership of emerging nations, as well as CTOs, CIOs and others responsible for preparing their organizations for technological change.
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What You’ll Learn

This course introduces the basics of quantum computing and discusses how industry leaders can adopt quantum in their business. The course covers the business case for quantum computing, potential industry applications, the quantum landscape, technology roadmap, and more.
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What It Prepares You For

The course provides you the knowledge needed to make the changes needed to meet the upcoming quantum technology demands.
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Course Outline
1. Course Introduction
2. Introduction to Quantum Computing
3. An Example of Quantum Computing Application: Finance
4. Value Chain and the Global Landscape of Quantum Computing