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“Container for Developers and Quality Assurance” Course Relaunches With New Content

September 28, 2021Announcements

For several years we have offered LFD254 – Containers for Developers and Quality Assurance, an online training course covering the art of building, packaging and running container-based applications with an open container ecosystem, and how to deploy those applications at scale using Kubernetes. As cloud and container technology has evolved, now is the time to relaunch this important training with updated content.

The new and improved version of the course is designed for software developers, quality assurance engineers, and anyone else looking to build a solid foundation on container technologies and understand the open container ecosystem as a whole. It covers how to run, operate and troubleshoot containers, how to build container images, and use tools such as Buildah, Podman and Skopeo in addition to the de facto container manager i.e. Docker. Learners will become familiar with the basics of container networking and explore different storage concepts. By the end of the course you will be able to package and deliver applications as containers, master the art of writing Dockerfiles, and use containers technology for quality assurance to deploy container-based workloads in development, QA and production environments with technologies such as Docker Compose, Kubernetes, GitOps, and more.

Containers for Developers and Quality Assurance is for individuals who already have experience with software development and delivery. You should be familiar with development practices including continuous integration and revision control, as well as have a basic understanding of cloud native and microservices applications. Those who do not already possess these prerequisites may consider first completing some of our free training courses including:

The newly updated course was created by Gourav Shah. Gourav is a corporate trainer, author, consultant and course creator with deep expertise on topics of implementing devops, SRE and containers technologies. Under the brand name School of Devops, he has trained professionals from leading corporations including Walmart, Cisco, Mercedes, Adobe, GE, Schnider, Rakuten, Citrix, Ericsson, Visa and many more. He runs the YouTube channel “School of Devops” and hosts the podcast “Being Devops”.

LFD254 – Containers for Developers and Quality Assurance is available for immediate enrollment. The $299 course fee includes access to all materials for 12 months.

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