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Cybersecurity Linux Security Fundamentals (LFS216) Get a comprehensive look at the security challenges that can affect almost every system.
Cybersecurity Linux Kernel Debugging and Security (LFD440) Learn the methods and internal infrastructure of the Linux kernel.
Cybersecurity Linux Security (LFS416) This course will walk you through security threat identification, prevention, and recovery
Cybersecurity Kubernetes Security Essentials (LFS260) This course is designed as preparation for the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist Exam.
Cybersecurity Implementing DevSecOps (LFS262) Get the skills to implement DevSecOps practices into the software development and delivery processes.
Cybersecurity Secure Software Development: Requirements, Design, and Reuse (LFD104x) Learn to create and maintain systems that are much harder to successfully attack, reduce the damage when attacks are successful, …
Cybersecurity Secure Software Development: Implementation (LFD105x) Learn to create and maintain systems that are much harder to successfully attack, implement secure software, reduce the damage when …
Cybersecurity Secure Software Development: Verification and More Specialized Topics (LFD106x) Take a deeper dive into the basics of applying threat models and cryptography. Learn to create and maintain systems that …
Cybersecurity Developing Secure Software (LFD121) Learn the security basics to develop software that is hardened against attacks, and understand how you can reduce the damage …
Cybersecurity Securing Your Software Supply Chain with Sigstore (LFS182x) Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to secure the integrity of your software by leveraging the Sigstore toolkit.
DevOps & Site Reliability Introduction to DevSecOps for Managers (LFS180x) Get an overview of the history, terminology, processes, and tools used to adopt Continuous Delivery and DevSecOps within any organization.