Linux Training Courses

With the ever increasing ubiquity of Linux in both the server and embedded markets, The Linux Foundation's introductory Linux courses and advanced Linux training provide both companies and individuals with a variety of training options to increase their knowledge and use of Linux. We keep our Linux courses vendor-neutral and as the company that employs Linux founder Linus Torvalds, our training has been created with the actual leaders of the Linux development community.

Whether time-to-market or the high performance of Linux are critical to your business, The Linux Foundation's Linux courses provide a unique return on investment opportunity that will pay for itself many times over. For individuals, the demand for Linux talent is at an all time high. The Linux Foundation's advanced Linux training provides Linux developers and Linux system administrators with the opportunity to to capitalize on the talent gap.

Linux Programming & Development Training

Course ID Title Duration

KVM for Developers

This course is designed to help application and hardware developers learn how to integrate KVM and QEMU into their products. Students will learn the fundamentals of how these systems are designed and get hands-on experience integrating them with other technologies.

Optimizing Linux Device Drivers for Power Efficiency

Learn how to develop/enhance power efficient device drivers for Linux systems.
4 Days

Inside Android: An Intro to Android Internals

Android development training that provides a hands-on tour of the internals of the Android operating system for mobile devices. Attendees learn the ins and outs of the Android anatomy including the Android framework, hardware abstraction layer, the Binder inter-process communication and power management.
4 Days

Embedded Linux Development

Get advanced Linux training on the key steps to developing an embedded Linux product. Gain real world experience through extensive hands-on practice with target devices.
5 Days

Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project

This Linux course provides a solid understanding of embedded development using the Yocto Project, including the Poky Reference Distribution and Bitbake, the use of emulators, building images for multiple architectures and the creation of board support packages (BSP).
4 Days

Developing Linux Device Drivers

The Linux device drivers course will help you become familiar with the different kinds of Linux device drivers used under Linux and the appropriate API’s through which devices interface with the kernel.
5 Days

Linux Kernel Internals and Debugging

Learn the basic methods the Linux kernel is built upon, grasping the theoretical and practical underpinnings. Get introduced to the important tools that are used for debugging and monitoring the kernel.
5 Days

Developing Applications For Linux

Learn how to develop for and port applications to the Linux environment. Get up to speed quickly with the necessary tools for Linux application development and learn about special features offered by Linux.
5 Days

Developing with GIT

Learn the fundamental concepts behind the Git version control system. Practice how to create, manipulate and share Git repositories with hands-on lab exercises.
2 Days

Introduction to Linux for Developers

Learn how to work in a Linux environment, including: manipulating files and directories, command shells, the roles of and choice of graphical environments and desktop managers, available tools for tracing and debugging and much more.
2 Days

Enterprise IT & Linux System Administration Training

Course ID Title Duration

Linux KVM Virtualization

Gain the background needed to understand how KVM and related open source components can be assembled to create an entire virtual IT infrastructure, acquire practical KVM deployment skills and understand how to built virtualization solutions from scratch by coupling KVM with tools such as oVirt, libvirt and OpenStack
4 days

OpenStack Cloud Architecture and Deployment

Learn how to manage and use a private and public clouds with Openstack. Implement compute, storage and networking cloud services. Deep dive into networking, compute and orchestration.
4 Days

Linux Enterprise Automation

Acquire the knowledge and skills needed to automate provisioning, configuration, software packaging, patching and OS release management in heterogeneous Linux environments.
4 Days

Linux Performance Tuning

This advanced Linux training teaches you to optimize your application’s performance by acquiring useful performance metrics from the hardware, tracing applications and the Linux kernel, and tuning various aspects of the system, from the hardware to kernel settings and application optimizations.
4 Days

High Availability Linux Architecture

Learn to successfully design, implement, provision, maintain, and administer Linux high-availability clusters to support mission-critical workloads.
4 Days

Linux Security

Learn to assess security risks in your enterprise Linux environment, apply techniques and use tools to increase security, deploy monitoring and attack detection tools, gain visibility into possible vulnerabilities and develop your Linux security policy and response strategy.
4 Days

Introduction to SDN NFV and Docker

SDN, NFV and Docker are some of the hottest technologies out there. Gain the background needed to understand how this tech works and acquire the skills and understanding necessary to take your virtualization into the cutting edge.
4 Days

Linux Network Management

This Linux course will teach you how to design, deploy and maintain a network running under Linux and to administer the network services most commonly found in enterprise environments.
4 Days

Linux System Administration

This Linux system administration course helps you discover the tools used by system administrators in enterprise Linux environments, install new systems with a variety of Linux distributions and configure systems with new hardware and software combinations.
4 Days

Essentials of System Administration

This 100% online, self-paced Linux system administration course will give you the background and experience you need to administer an enterprise Linux environment. You'll learn how to install new systems with a variety of Linux distributions, how to configure systems with new hardware and software combinations, and more.
1 year access

Introduction to Linux

Acquire a practical understanding of how Linux works, quickly get up to speed using the Linux graphical interface and leverage efficiencies by using the command line tools.
4 Days

Open Source Compliance Courses

Course ID Title Duration

Implementation and Management of Open Source Compliance

Adapt compliance activities to your organization's needs with this comprehensive open source compliance course that provides in-depth guidance on implementing an open source compliance program. Course topics include: disclosure obligations, source code distribution mechanisms, corporate code contributions, adaptation of existing processes, open source compliance tools and automation and much more.
2 Days

Overview of Open Source Compliance End-to-End Process

This open source compliance course will help your organization implement an open source compliance program by teaching you the fundamentals of open source development, licensing principles, compliance obligations, and the contributions needed from various functional groups, such as Executive Management, the Law Department, Supply Chain, Technical Documentation and Configuration Management.
1 Day

Executive Review of Open Source Compliance

Learn about the framework for an open source compliance program, including: open source licensing basics, compliance requirements, and the consequences of non-compliance. In addition, organizing, managing and staffing for the compliance effort will also be discussed.

Open Source Compliance Programs - What You Must Know

Gain insight into industry best practices in organizing and managing the compliance function in this condensed open source compliance course delivered live via the internet. Pitfalls and common process challenges in establishing open source compliance programs will also be discussed.

Practical Guide to the Open Source Development Model

The goal of this course is to help organizations maximize their internal efficiency once they have decided to contribute to or create an open source project.

Tizen Project Training

Course ID Title Duration

Portable Application Development for Tizen Devices

This Tizen development training provides the fundamentals to develop HTML5 applications for Tizen.
1 Day

Tizen Training For Non-Developers

Lessen the learning curve with a Tizen Project course that provides an introduction to the fundamentals of Tizen, including the hardware enablement process, governance structure, compliance program and roadmap and release management. This Tizen Project course will dive into the innovative operating system, applications, and user experience provided by Tizen.
1 Day

Tizen Training For Non-Developers

Lessen the learning curve with a Tizen Project course that provides an introduction to the fundamentals of Tizen, including the hardware enablement process, governance structure, compliance program and roadmap and release management. This Tizen Project course will dive into the innovative operating system, applications, and user experience provided by Tizen.
1 Day