Why Get Certified by The Linux Foundation

Why Get Certified - Show Your Smarts - Get Hired - Make More Money  

Linux Foundation exams are performance-based and community-sourced. As a result, you really have to know your stuff. That's why only the best sysadmins and engineers can boast that they are certified by The Linux Foundation.

Linux talent is in high demand, but there is still plenty of competition for the top jobs. Set yourself apart by getting certification from the source.

Research has shown that people with certifications make more money. Whether you're looking for your first job or just looking to upgrade your current position, getting a Linux Foundation certification will help you demonstrate your value.

Why are companies clamoring for employees with Linux Foundation certifications?

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Available Anytime, Anywhere

Linux Foundation certifications are rigorous, performance-based and available, anytime, anywhere. Now employers are no longer limited by looking for talent near testing centers or settling for uncertified hires, and you no longer have to travel to a testing center to get the certifications you need to demonstrate your skills and expertise.

Certified SysAdmin




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Employers want to know that you've got skills where it actually counts: at the command line. That's why our certification is 100% performance-based. You'll be tested on practical knowledge and skills, rather than the ability to memorize, and demonstrate your ability to do so under challenging conditions (running clock plus observation by a proctor).

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The Linux ecosystem is defined by choice, and today's Linux IT environment is becoming increasingly heterogeneous, with many companies using multiple distros or changing distros. Because Linux Foundation certifications are distro-flexible (you can take exams in CentOS, openSUSE or Ubuntu) and you are tested on equivalent skills regardless of distro, employers know you have the chops, no matter what flavor of Linux you're working on.

Certified Linux Engineer




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Because IT technology is rapidly evolving, a stale certification is almost as bad as no certification at all. That's why we created our certification exams with input from members of the Linux community to ensure that our exams test skills and knowledge that get used in the workplace today. And our exam questions are continuously updated using feedback from the community to make sure that they are always up-to-date and relevant.

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