Linux Programming & Development Training

Whether you’re new to the Linux environment or looking for Linux programming courses that will take your skills to the next level, our Linux development training will help you get more out of your use of Linux. We teach the essential best practices through a series of rigorous programming exercises, live labs and hands-on instruction from Linux experts.

While embedded development can be complex, embedded Linux training from The Linux Foundation gives developers an in-depth understanding of the Linux kernel architecture and reveals critical points of adapting the Linux kernel to an embedded application in a timely manner. Our Linux device driver training teaches developers about the various drivers available under Linux and provides the essential skills you need to rapidly and effectively create device drivers for Linux systems.

Course ID Title Duration
Course ID:LFD201 Introduction to Open Source Development, Git, and Linux

Learn how to develop open source software. This course focuses on open source software, an introduction to Linux systems and the use of Git, the revision control system.

Duration:1 year access
Course ID:LFD232 Cloud Foundry for Developers

Businesses around the world need more skilled developers. Update your cloud-native skills with Cloud Foundry training and certification to deliver world-class apps. This course teaches you how to use Cloud Foundry to build, deploy and manage a cloud-native microservices solution. Topics covered directly align with the knowledge domains tested by the Cloud Foundry Certified Developer exam and will substantially increase students' ability to become certified.

Duration:1 year access
Course ID:LFD259 Kubernetes for Developers

Kubernetes is a high-velocity open source orchestration tool to deploy, scale, and update containerized applications. This course will teach you how to containerize, host, deploy, and configure an application in a multi-node cluster.

The topics covered are directly aligned with the knowledge domains tested by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Program, and will substantially increase students' ability to become certified.

Duration:1 year access
Course ID:LFD301 Introduction to Linux, Open Source Development, and GIT

Linux is exploding, and the demand for Linux developers has never been stronger. This course will introduce you to the world of Linux development and give you the background and training you need to start working with Linux. If you’ve been thinking about getting into Linux development, this is the best place to start!

Duration:4 Days
Course ID:LFD401 Developing Applications For Linux

Learn how to develop applications for the Linux environment. In this course, you’ll get hands-on experience with the necessary tools and methods for Linux application development and learn about the features and techniques that are unique to Linux.

Duration:4 Days
Course ID:LFD415 Inside Android: An Intro to Android Internals

Get a hands-on tour of the internals of the popular Android operating system for mobile and other devices. This course will teach you the ins and outs of the Android anatomy, with a focus on hands-on experience.

Duration:4 Days
Course ID:LFD420 Linux Kernel Internals and Development

Learn how to develop for the Linux kernel. In this course you’ll learn how Linux is architected, the basic methods for developing on the kernel, and how to efficiently work with the Linux developer community. If you are interested in learning about the Linux kernel, this is absolutely the definitive course on the subject.

Duration:4 Days
Course ID:LFD430 Developing Linux Device Drivers

Learn how to develop device drivers for Linux systems. This course will teach you about the different types of Linux device drivers as well as the appropriate APIs and methods through which devices interface with the kernel.

Duration:4 Days
Course ID:LFD432 Optimizing Linux Device Drivers for Power Efficiency

Learn how to develop and enhance power-efficient device drivers for Linux systems.

Duration:4 Days
Course ID:LFD435 Developing Embedded Linux Device Drivers

This course is designed to show experienced programmers how to develop device drivers for embedded Linux systems, and give them a basic understanding and familiarity with the Linux kernel.

Duration:4 Days
Course ID:LFD440 Linux Kernel Debugging and Security

Learn the methods and internal infrastructure of the Linux kernel. This course focuses on the important tools used for debugging and monitoring the kernel, and how security features are implemented and controlled.

Duration:4 Days
Course ID:LFD450 Embedded Linux Development

This course will give you the step-by-step framework for developing an embedded Linux product. You’ll learn the methods used to adapt the Linux kernel and user-space libraries and utilities to particular embedded environments, such as those in use in consumer electronics, military, medical, industrial, and auto industries.

Duration:4 Days
Course ID:LFD460 Embedded Linux Development with Yocto Project

In this course, you’ll obtain a solid understanding of how to build a repeatable embedded target Linux target using the Yocto Project. In addition to learning the build system, you will learn about more advanced tools like toaster, devtool, wic, eSDK, and eclipse IDE integration. This course builds on the Embedded Linux topics learned in the LFD450 class.

Duration:4 Days