Linux Tutorial: The Free and Open Source Software Compliance Self Asessment Checklist: A Valuable Tool For Companies and Their Suppliers

The Linux Foundation has developed an extensive checklist of compliance best practices in addition to elements that must be available in an open source compliance program to ensure its success. Companies are invited to use this checklist as an internal self-administered exercise to evaluate their compliance in comparison to top tier best compliance practices. The Self-Assessment Checklist is constructed using at least two concepts from well-established models of process maturity such as the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model. A brief summary of the Self-Assessment Checklist is provided in the webinar titled: “The Free and Open Source Software Compliance Self Asessment Checklist: A Valuable Tool For Companies and Their Suppliers.”

About Philip Koltun

Phil KoltunDr. Koltun has defined and implemented comprehensive open source compliance programs for Motorola and NAVTEQ, including policies and procedures, training, OSRB function, 3rd party supplier compliance, and compliance tool introduction. Early in his career, he managed a software productivity and quality center at Harris Corporation; led an engineering team performing R&D contracts for the U.S. government in expert systems, natural language processing, computer security, and database technology; facilitated SEI, ISO, and Baldrige-style self-assessments; and consulted on business process reengineering and process improvement efforts. He has been a computer science faculty member at North Carolina State University and the University of Illinois-Springfield and holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

About Linux Foundation Open Compliance Training

The Linux Foundation offers hands-on training from compliance experts for individuals and companies responsible for achieving compliance with open source licenses and establishing an open source compliance program, as well as for those who simply want to learn more about compliance. Options available include live onsite training in addition to instructor-led live remote training. A certificate is provided to all who complete the training.



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